The Guns of Borderlands 3: A Revolving Journal

From corroding the oversized armor of the arrogant Crimson Lance to shorting out deranged mechs Borderlands has always excelled at giving our bloodthirsty id something to wallow in. Now the new game is upon us, and, if you’re like me, you’re probably curious what tools of destruction 2K has given us. So, to quell our mutual curiosity I am embarking on a journey. A journey to uncover the best, most brutal weapons in the Borderlands. I’ll be updating regularly as I uncover more but without further hesitation here are the best guns I’ve found so far. As Claptrap commands, “Let’s…

by jordan
September 18, 2019

35 Ways To Celebrate The Transformers 35th Anniversary

As a kid on his way home from school in the mid-80s, few things got me more excited than the prospect of rushing through the door, flinging down my bag, and catching the latest episode of Transformers. It was a ritual in my house, and the characters, music, and images of that cartoon are embedded in my memory. Mine wasn’t the only generation that has enjoyed these strange robot creations. Over the years, the Transformers have regularly reinvented themselves with new iterations across comics, movies, cartoons, games, toys, novels, and more, all while still celebrating what has come before. Today…

by jordan
September 17, 2019

Hideo Kojima Answers Our Questions About Death Stranding

The last week has been a busy one for Hideo Kojima. Even with Death Stranding in the final stretch approaching release, the legendary creator took the stage at Tokyo Game Show for two separate live presentations showing off his unique and difficult-to-explain project. While we learned a lot from watching those demonstrations, they also raised many questions about how Death Stranding works and what it tries to convey. What is the goal behind the asynchronous multiplayer? What do "likes" do? How has the game changed since its inception? To get the answers to these questions and more, we visited the Kojima Productions studio in Tokyo…

by jordan
September 16, 2019

Sega Genesis Mini Review

At one point in the 1990s, the Genesis seemed like it could help Sega overtake Nintendo and claim the video game throne. While the SNES ultimately prevailed in the 16-bit battle, Sega’s beloved console has retained a dedicated following over the years. Though many iterations of iconic Genesis games have been rereleased in the past few decades, most ports were imperfect, and didn’t captured the fun and delight of playing the originals. For the Genesis Mini, Sega worked with the developer behind the lauded Sega Ages ports, and this partnership delivers the classic experience the Genesis deserves. What Is It?…

by jordan
September 12, 2019

Revisiting Final Fantasy XIV’s Eorzea Cafe With A Shadowbringers-Inspired Feast

This isn't our first trip to Final Fantasy XIV's Eorzea Cafe in Akihabara, but our last visit was five years ago. A lot has changed since then, for both the cafe and game, making us eager to revisit, especially with the new menu items crafted in the image of Shadowbringers. Since this was our second visit, we wanted to go all-out and order up quite an impressive feast, complete with drinks and dessert.   This first gallery showcases our feast in all its glory. We got everything from an Aramigo beef bowl to our very own potion drink.  Click image thumbnails to view larger…

by jordan
September 11, 2019

Top Of The Table – Game Of Thrones: Oathbreaker

The concluding season of Game of Thrones is now behind us. And if you watched, you’re sure to have an opinion about how it all turned out. Dire Wolf Digital’s recent release of Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker gives you the chance to see it all play out again, almost certainly with a new ending, but with your gathered friends cast in the roles of the conniving lords and ladies of Westeros, along with all the lying, backstabbing, and trickery you’d expect. Oathbreaker is a social deduction game built to be played by five to eight players. The high player count…

by jordan
September 10, 2019

Where’s Our GreedFall Review?

GreedFall releases tomorrow for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I've managed to log a considerable amount of time into this sprawling fantasy RPG, but still need to devote more hours to finish the campaign and also experiment with player-choice outcomes and variations. What I've played thus far has been both fun and fascinating, but also a little rough around the edges. As action packed as GreedFall's trailers have been, many of the quests consist of walking around a somewhat small (but open) city space to communicate with various people. The writing and quest lines are quite good, but they're…

by jordan
September 10, 2019

A Look Inside The Square Enix Cafe In Akihabara

Tokyo Game Show is upon us, and we're currently in Japan to cover the show. As we do every year, it wouldn't be a trip without showing you some of the cool gaming-related stuff around, which includes dedicated restaurants and cafes to some of the most popular Japanese gaming franchises. This year, we had the pleasure of visiting the Square Enix Cafe in Akihabara, which currently has a Final Fantasy XIV collaboration going on. The cafe is filled with memorabilia from all of Square's franchises, such as Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts to even the niche SaGa and Octopath Traveler. Then there's the food…

by jordan
September 9, 2019

Opinion – An Argument Against Character Cameos In Games

Dear game creators... Do not respond to emails with the subject line "Do you want to add a Terminator: Dark Fate character to your game?" It's spam. I'm not kidding. The Mortal Kombat 11 developers fell for it. The Gears 5 team also went for it. So did the Ghost Recon: Breakpoint team. James Cameron is probably laughing his ass off on an Avatar set, saying "They really added them to their games?! ROFL!!!" All jokes aside, as fascinating as it is to see characters from other media come to life in our games, I think it's getting a little…

by jordan
September 7, 2019

Replay – Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Click here to watch embedded media On this week's show we take a look at Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, the third entry in the beloved stealth/action series. We go in without any tutorial, which proves to be costly early on, but once we learn how to see in the dark and punch guys in the ears, things turn around and we make progress for the first time in Replay history. We dedicate the full hour to this classic title that appeared on pretty much every system at the time, including PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Thanks again for watching. This week's…

by jordan
September 6, 2019